Episode 124: Communicating and Adapting through a Crisis- Leadership lessons from DriverReach

This COVID-19 situation is new to everyone. We are all trying to find our feet. So it can be useful to hear from leaders in the trucking industry who have an idea about leading through a crisis.

“It’s certainly a challenging time because the weight of the world feels like it’s on your shoulders, but, you know, especially at a time like this, your employees are looking at you for leadership, for guidance, for support for, you know, belief.”

In this episode, Chad talks to Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO at DriverReach, a company helping trucking companies hire CDL drivers better, faster.

The leadership model is so important right now, getting communications right, being realistic as a leader. You can’t fake anyone on what’s going on, we are all so aware of what’s happening, but being positive about your company, sharing your vision for its future, reassuring employees that it’s going to be OK (and why), are all attributes of great leadership.

Because at the end of this, you want to be able to share with potential employees ‘this is how we responded as a company, this is why you should come work for us, because even during the hardest times, this is how we handled it.’


  • The importance of communicating to employees
  • How to convey being realistic yet positive
  • The change in the way companies communicate
  • How to responsibly cut expenses
  • What the data says about demand for products and recruiting
  • Features of DriverReach – existing and new
  • Necessity is the mother of adoption


  • https://www.driverreach.com/
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyreymer/
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