Episode 97: Lessons on Recruiting from the Military, with Ryan Spor

Chad welcomes Ryan Spor from Meiborg Brothers Inc. in Rockford Illinois to discuss opportunities to improve recruiter training and recruiting practices among carriers vying for the best driving talent. Ryan spent 3 of his 7 years in the US Army as a military recruiter in the suburbs of Chicago before translating his skills to recruiting drivers in the trucking industry.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The correlation between military recruiting and trucking recruitment
  • How the military trains its recruiters, and the lessons carriers can learn
  • The use of role-playing as a recruiter training tool
  • How the military uses experienced recruiters to train new recruiters
  • How Ryan has succeeded finding leads for and recruiting younger drivers
  • The 8 functions behind the process of recruiting operations
  • Prospecting in the trucking industry
  • How to build rapport and trust during interviews with recruits
  • The importance of recruiter follow-up to ensure that recruited drivers follow through
  • The transition from army recruiting to trucking carrier recruiting

How to connect with Ryan Spor:

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