Episode 9:  How to Care for the Whole Driver, with Luke Busskohl

Luke Busskohl is Chief Operating Officer at Arrow Stage Lines. He is a driven leader with an ingrained passion for the motorcoach and transportation business. He has held various positions and been exposed to every facet of the transportation business landscape. Luke is a recognized servant leader with a focus on the entire business experience.

“Servant leadership is serving other people so they can reach their full potential.”

– Luke Busskohl

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • As Chief Operating Officer, why it’s good to learn every aspect of the job
  • Servant leadership: working to help somebody else succeed
  • Why it’s important to care for employees as a whole person
  • Scheduling one-to-one meetings and putting them in the calendar helps with consistency
  • Arrow Stage Line’s driver retention rate
  • Components of compensation, benefits, equipment & maintenance to help retention
  • How an open-door policy helps with communication between staff and motor coach operators
  • What are motor coach forums
  • Some changes the company put into place that came from operators
  • Mentoring programs that assist in driver retention
  • How can we be helping the whole person, not just looking at their productivity in their job
  • What it means when one of the company’s critical success factors is God’s favor & grace
  • Why making decisions based on high integrity and Biblical principles may not always be most profitable
  • How can we change the world through the motorcoach industry
  • Operating in high integrity with no shortcuts: an example with paperless logs

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