Episode 99: Maintaining a Healthy Family Company Culture, with Mark Mabry

Chad welcomes Mark Mabry, Recruiting and Retention Manager at Four Star Transportation in Michigan, to talk about his experience in the industry and his company’s efforts to boost driver retention. Mark was kind enough to talk at the tactical level to suggest actionable steps companies can take to improve drivers’ experience at transportation companies, recruitment tools to try, and how to differentiate your company during the recruitment process to appeal to prospective drivers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Mark’s take on how they’ve created a healthy family culture, and why sometimes a “family culture” can resemble a dysfunctional family.
  • The importance of dispatchers and the ratio of dispatchers to drivers
  • The small things a company can do to boost retention and help drivers have a good experience
  • Recruitment tools to try to reach prospective drivers
  • How to differentiate your company from other carriers when recruiting a candidate
  • Paying drivers as a percentage of load 
  • Best practices for getting driver feedback
  • The battle against high turnover in the industry

How to connect with Mark:

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