Episode 18:  Offer Unique Benefits, with Marteika Howard

Marteika Howard is a driver recruiter at Walther Farms.

“‘Faith Family Farm’ is what our motto is. That means we support and encourage the development of one’s faith, we provide opportunities to grow strong families, and we support a passion for farming. Those core values set us apart.”

– Marteika Howard

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Walther Farms’ “Faith Family Farm” core values and the ways they live those core values out
  • How Walther Farms has had about a 10% turnover rate since Marteika joined the team about a year ago
  • How Walther Farms recognizes drivers that do an excellent job of living out their core values
  • The unique schedule Walther has for some of their drivers that rewards them with 5 consecutive weeks off and some of the other benefits they offer
  • Why Walther Farms keeps it simple when they need to recruit a new driver
  • The importance of being up front with driving candidates about what life will be like for them as a driver
  • How Walther Farms keeps in communication with their drivers

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