Episode 88: Recruiting and Retaining Top Drivers Consistently Despite a Driver Shortage, with Wade Palmer and Melanie Ness

Even in a market where the supply of experienced truckers far outweighs the demand for their services, there are companies, like Kool Pak that are able to constantly recruit top drivers for their teams. Melanie Ness and Wade Palmer of Kool Pak join Recruit and Retain: Trucking Edition to discuss their unique style and why it is working for them.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of recruiting and keeping top local drivers in large metropolitan areas.
  • The unique challenges that local drivers may face that sometimes negate the benefit of being home every night.
  • Struggles trucking companies, like Kool Pak face, when attempting to recruit drivers for less than optimal driving conditions.
  • How Kool Pak is addressing these challenges in the midst of a driver shortage to recruit and keep top drivers.
  • The unique position Kool Pak takes on driver recruitment and retention that sets them apart from other trucking companies.
  • Areas where Kool Pak is winning by keeping drivers engaged and active within their organizations.
  • The Richard Kelly Leadership Award. What it is and why it is so coveted among Kool Pak Drivers.
  • How Kool Pak rewards drivers who meet their high standards for safety.
  • Which award Kool Pak offers that is the most coveted award among drivers and why it is so valuable to the drivers.
  • The importance of making drivers FEEL appreciated and how Kool Pak goes out of their way to make sure their drivers understand their value.
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