Episode 59: Respecting and Supporting Your Drivers, with Mike Coble

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Robert Heath Trucking works to support, train and encourage their truck drivers and build a family culture
  • How having many family members working together strengthens Robert Heath Trucking and gives the company focus
  • Why Mike looks for drivers at the start and end of routes instead of at stops along the way
  • Why Mike works with drivers on their personal finances as a result of his own experiences handling money
  • Why Robert Heath Trucking has a chaplain on staff to help drivers with their spiritual and emotional needs
  • What questions Mike asks drivers to better understand their financial goals and challenges
  • Mike shares stories of how he and his company encourage their drivers and work to improve their drivers’ lives
  • Why trucking companies should maintain their drivers in the same way that they maintain their equipment
  • How Mike and his company’s attitude and business philosophy in supporting drivers has helped his retention rate
  • How Mike’s recruiting strategy is centered around an aggressive growth plan
  • What marketing strategies Mike is using to bolster his recruitment

How to contact Mike Coble:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/michael-coble-8a601b48/

Website: www.robertheath.com

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