Episode 28:  The ROI of Retention, with Nick Williams

Nick Williams is the Director of Recruiting at Paul Transportation. Nick has won multiple awards. In 2016, he got the Governor’s Commendation for Outstanding Hiring Practices. In 2017 and 2018 he was a finalist for National Recruiter of the Year.

“In this industry, it costs — on average — $5,000 to hire a new driver. And those are the experienced drivers that don’t need additional training. If you retain just one of those drivers, you’ve saved $5,000.”

– Nick Williams

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The recruiting efforts at various schools that led to Nick winning the Governor’s Commendation
  • The struggles Paul Transportation faced by revving their recruiting efforts up too quickly
  • How Paul Transportation made their recruiting efforts stronger that led to the National Recruiter of the Year nominations
  • Geomarketing: how Paul Transportation looked at where they should have been getting hires from but weren’t and boosted their recruiting there
  • The retention strategies Paul Transportation used after their retention rates dipped and some of the great benefits they gave their drivers
  • The importance of communicating with drivers in a way that is convenient for them and also personalized
  • Paul Transportation’s open door policy for drivers to submit feedback
  • The “Driver At Risk” report that Nick developed to connect with the most at-risk driversRemoving the barriers on the people who are working to retain the drivers in your fleet, even if that means they can call meetings with the owners every single day to make sure retention efforts are focused on
  • The ROI of retaining drivers
  • The proprietary retention software that Paul Transportation is developing right now

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