Episode 158:

Are you wondering how to use independent contractors more efficiently? How to design lease purchase programs and manage them? Do you need help with growth? Recruitment? Merger and acquisitions? 

“Getting to learn about other companies and getting to know their teams, understanding what works really well in their organisation, what doesn’t work so well. And if there’s an opportunity for us to help them get better at something, that’s what we love doing.”

Doug Grawe is CEO and Gary Randall is the Executive Business Partner of The Grawe Group, a trucking and logistics consulting business. Doug and Gary specialize in helping trucking companies manage pain points, overcome challenges and achieve their goals. 

They don’t do it with a one size fits all package, they get to know you and your team, learn your challenges and goals, and develop bespoke solutions that will work for you, that you can execute across the whole organization. 

“I would challenge the listeners anytime they hear, ‘these are our top issues in the company’. Examine whether or not the metrics that [you’re] measuring actually relate to those top issues. I’ve heard tonnes of people say, ‘Oh, drivers are our biggest bottleneck, they’re our top concern’. And yet, when you look at the amount of time spent on that, or where their focus is, it doesn’t line up with that.”


  • The specific problems The Grawe Group gets involved with
  • Tracking metrics and tracking actions
  • Using technology to track metrics
  • Why you need to focus on just 3-5 tasks
  • You want leaders, not managers
  • The importance of accountability

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