Episode 39:  Building Recruitment Efforts with Questions and Magic Words, with Phil Jones

Phil M. Jones brings a different approach through his sales message. A motivational speaker who has presented more than 2,000 times in 50 different countries, Phil explains that sales involves more than strategic planning. Effective recruiters understand the importance of the words used when communicating with possible employees. Promising all or nothing is ineffective in a world where absolutes rarely happen. Instead, Phil reminds us that the best way to recruit and retain top-rate drivers is to determine what they want, what they consider non-negotiable, and what may seal the deal through effective communication.

“What we must remember is that questions start conversations, conversations build relationships, relationships to create opportunities, and opportunities lead to sales. What we forget to do is to ask the right number of questions that lead to the right conversations, conversations of the goals, because those are the things that create relationships.”

– Phil Jones

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why recruiters have to convert their leads that same way that corporations must fight for customers and high quality products
  • Reasons that we need to engage in a conversation that builds an emotional connection and gives candidates a reason to consider the move to our firm
  • How we succeed in selling ourselves by maintaining control of the conversation, asking questions to candidates that create an opportunity to build dialog rather than merely respond with factual tidbits
  • The importance of determining why a prospective employee has reached out to us in the first place, learning of their interests by asking questions back to them
  • How this approach differs in digital communications, where we should strive for shorter responses that bounce back and forth to determine levels of interest on both sides
  • How some discussion points that appear non-negotiable with prospective team members are actually preferences and ways we can keep the dialog going to determine if they might be a good fit
  • Ways that success stories allow us to market down the road to the next group of prospective drivers by using examples of how others coming before them have embraced our company’s culture
  • Why we must move the finish line for our recruiters so that they see their jobs not ending when a contract is signed, but when their recruits reach their potential–like getting a wedding dress, the most important day is not when you signed the rental agreement, but instead the day of the wedding
  • The reason that recruiters must be “decision catalysts” and foster the decision-making process by being matchmakers between prospective talent and our company

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