Episode 143: [Rebroadcast] Action Items to Help Drivers Lose Weight, with Brandon Mango and Justin Masters

Chad welcomes Brandon Mango, President of Elite Gasfield Services, and Justin Masters, who is one of his drivers who has turned his health around. Talking to an employee about a health issue can be uncomfortable, but when an employee’s weight becomes a health and safety risk, it almost forces a difficult conversation. Learn how employers can work with their drivers to improve their health and transform their lives.

Justin Masters began to take his health more seriously and lost almost 200 pounds.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why employers fear having conversations with employees about their health or their weight.
  • How company changes related to health can impact health insurance costs.
  • What sparked Justin to begin seriously addressing his health and weight issues.
  • How Brandon approached the difficult conversation with Justin about his weight when it became a safety concern.
  • The tactics and resources Justin used to help him lose almost 200 pounds.
  • How Justin feels today.
  • How Justin overcomes cravings and urges to quit his exercise regimen.
  • What kind of exercises drivers can do while sitting on the lease road.
  • Why employers must take the health of their drivers seriously.

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