Episode 141: Honesty in Recruiting, with Alex Batley

Alex Batley is a manager at A.N. Webber. Alex Batley talks with host Chad Hendricks to share why recruiters who lie to drivers are only hurting themselves, and he discusses the age 21 interstate driving requirement and why it’s making it more challenging to get young people interested in driving as a career.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Alex decided to leave his position as a driver and got his degree in transportation logistics management
  • What difficulties Alex experienced when making the jump from driver to management, and how he overcame those challenges
  • What changes Alex has observed in the transportation industry during his career, and why things are improving for drivers
  • How A.N. Webber stays competitive by investing in their drivers, and why consistency matters
  • Why shippers are beginning to realize that their rates are going to have to go up due to driver pay needing to go up
  • Why Alex believes that not having a recruiter in his office is a benefit, not a drawback
  • How Alex’s own experiences as a driver have helped inform his role in management, and why he feels dishonesty in the industry is a problem
  • What recruitment efforts Alex is using at A.N Webber, and how their driver referral program works
  • Why the age limitation for drivers is a major problem for getting young people interested in driving for a living

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