Episode 142: [Rebroadcast] Offshoring Operations to Support Your Office Employees

If you’re looking to support your office employees, offshoring their jobs might seem counterintuitive, but hear us out. You aren’t actually outsourcing their whole job, just those functions that detract from the important stuff they have to do day to day.

“We hear in the news about jobs being outsourced overseas and it’s usually a negative thing, because we’re losing jobs. But I think how you’re [Tim Reyburn] positioning it is not that we’re losing jobs, it’s that you can’t afford, as a trucking company in your margins, to add more headcount.”

Chad talks to Tim Reyburn, President at Reyburn Transportation Consulting, about his unique approach to helping overstretched operations staff fulfil their roles more efficiently, without bringing extra staff physically into the office, all the while staying within budget.

“So the overall idea that we discussed is offshoring part of the staff for a trucking company. The offshoring of staff means that we are going to take certain positions, and we’re going to move them overseas, and we’re going to set you up in an office overseas.”

One of the key takeaways Tim is keen to stress is that he won’t come into your office and give you a magic pill to fix all of your problems. What they’ll do is add something into your existing work process that is a low cost solution that will increase your efficiency. You’re still going to have work to do with it.


    • The lessons learned that led Tim to transportation consultancy
    • How Reyburn Transportation Consulting works
    • How to alleviate stress on your office by offshoring low skill key functions
    • The benefits of a remote workforce
    • How to deal with communications with a remote workforce
    • The positions you should consider offshoring
    • Why everyone in your company needs to gain some perspective of other roles


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