Episode 139: [Rebroadcast]How to Grow Your Carrier with Gary Shor

If you’re struggling with your driver recruitment and retention and you want to know how the big companies do it, then you need to listen to Gary Shor, an outside consultant for retention and lane recruitment to Alcatraz LLC.

Gary became a truck driver in 2003 before turning his hand to working as a dispatcher. He watched the company he worked for grow over the 10 years he was with them into a Fortune 500 company, with revenue averaging $15 million a month. He now works as a consultant to Alcatraz LLC where he hopes to replicate the same success with them, which he saw at his previous company.

Gary is ideally placed to share with listeners the secrets of success for how to grow your carrier from a small or medium sized fleet, to enter the big leagues with the large carriers. Not least because he has the driver experience and can therefore relate to what drivers are going through and what they need from their carrier, but because he’s experienced a trucking company grow exponentially.

So tune in to learn what an owner needs to do to grow their fleet, why a great workplace environment is crucial for success, how to spot a good dispatcher and what they can bring to a carrier, as well as ways to motivate them to keep working hard, but most importantly, learn why one to one driver orientation could be the difference between a driver sticking with your company and having them churn.


  • The keys to growth for a small carrier
  • The transition issues growing from a small to large carrier
  • Why having dedicated lanes helps with driver recruitment and retention
  • How to get dedicated coast to coast lanes
  • How to deal with the struggles of driver recruitment
  • What your initial phone call with a prospective driver needs to include
  • The importance of a great workplace culture for employee retention
  • Why personal communication between the driver and dispatcher is key

  • LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-shor-89b68b75/

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