Episode 109: Recruiting, retaining, marketing and mediating with the Dr Phil of Trucking, Charles Gracey

Who better to discuss recruiting and retention with than someone who’s worked their way through the trucking ranks and who’s seen a lot of the industry, from all different angles?

Because that’s who Chad is talking to in this episode. 

Charles Gracey is a former driver turned Retention, Recruitment and Marketing Manager for Arka Express and has a wealth of knowledge to share on all things recruitment, retention, marketing and mediating. 

“So yeah, I grew up in the industry. My father worked in the industry, both as a driver and terminal manager for a bigger company. I remember growing up in it as a kid and coming to work with him and being super excited.”

There are so many takeaways from this episode it’s hard to know where to start… from having a driver manager engage with the recruiter when there’s a driver issue because of the initial rapport they will have built up, through to taking a proactive direct approach with potential drivers on social media, through to the Veteran’s programme Arka Express have in place specifically for Vets, no one else.  

That’s not all though, that’s just scratching the surface. So if you want a whole heap of best practice advice on recruitment, retention and marketing in the trucking industry, from an expert, then don’t miss this episode. 


  • The most popular reasons drivers give for leaving a job
  • The importance of being personable when recruiting drivers
  • How Charles vets potential drivers
  • Don’t look to recruit drivers, look to recruit team mates
  • How Charles splits his day between his recruitment, retention and marketing efforts
  • Charles’ process for driver retention 
  • What it takes to be a top recruiter
  • Using social media in your recruitment marketing efforts
  • Arka’s Veteran driver programme
  • Cultivating Arka Express company culture


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