Episode 111: Rocket Power Your Driver Referral Program with James Robinson

Are you looking to rocket power your driver referral program? Perhaps your driver referral program has run aground or you haven’t set one up yet. Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place. 

Listen to today’s guest, James Robinson, CEO of RocketCDL talk about how they’re firing up driver referral programs with their easy to use referral program app that is just as simple for drivers to use, as it is for recruiters. 

Because most carriers unfortunately don’t put a whole lot of effort into their referral program, preferring instead to pay it lip service and then let it fall by the wayside and wonder why their referral stream has dried up. 

So if you’re unsure about implementing technology to boost your driver referral program, or you’re looking to kickstart your referral program but you aren’t sure if it will fit in with your carrier and your drivers, then take half an hour and listen to James extol the virtues of RocketCDL. It’ll be the best thing you did with 30 minutes today. 

“Everyone is trying to fish from the same pond right now with job boards, with paid marketing and it works well or else people wouldn’t be doing it. But [referral programs] are an underutilized acquisition channel for leads that are much higher quality, and also unique to your own company that requires, you know, definitely a bit of additional time, but most definitely the cost benefit, or the ROI will be very good on it.”


  • What RocketCDL is – how it works for recruiters and drivers
  • Why referral programs are so underutilized for recruiting drivers
  • The power of a great referral program for your carrier 
  • How carriers can experiment with their referral program
  • Why referral programs can be a recruitment pain point
  • The many features and tools of RocketCDL


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