Episode 35:  Building Better Driver-Company Relationships, One Step at a Time, with Roger Jones

Roger Jones is the Hiring Manager at Fraley & Schilling. Roger has been with them for 18 months and will be discussing the changes that he is seen and how it’s affected their recruitment and retention.

“Take care of your drivers. Stay true to your word. Be as transparent a a company as you can be. Drivers appreciate that we’re not perfect but are always looking to get better.”

– Roger Jones

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why so many trucking companies promote themselves as family environments or family oriented, when in fact they are not (and the impact actually being a family environment has)
  • Why one of the biggest problems for retaining new drivers early on in the process is pay checks
  • How having a plan to change and/or update equipment on a regular basis is less about losing profits as it is about retainment, safety, and — actually — increasing profits through happier, safer truck drivers.
  • Why having best practices for recruiters is essential to ensure quality recruitment experiences
  • How to utilize multiple sources and resources to recruit new, quality truck drivers
  • Building relationships through communication between management and truck drivers
  • The three T’s that are the pillars that can help propel a company forward with its driver retainment efforts: Trust. Transparency. True to your word.

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