Episode 46:  R&R Conference Series Part 1

This episode is the first in a series of episodes recorded at the Recruit and Retain Conference in Nashville earlier this year. Some of you may know it as the R&R conference. This episode contains a compilation of multiple interviews who we spoke with at the conference.
In this week’s episode, we will be speaking to Brad Vaughn, Vice President of Recruiting at Maverick Transportation; Ben Onnie, COO at CDL Marketing; Parker Bohn, Social Media Strategist at Conversion Interactive Agency; Josh Mecca, Director of Recruiting at American Central Transport; Dave Chesterman, Vice President of Recruiting at Celadon Group Inc., and Whitney Boyer, Vice President of Marketing at Celadon Group Inc.
In this week’s episode, we will be speaking to learn more about how you can make the recruitment process for potential drivers smoother for all parties involved. Listen to various representatives of the trucking industry for tips on how to attract leads and convert these leads to hires at a high rate.

“When you’re advertising and trying to recruit on the web, it’s really all about the audience. Anyone can open up a Facebook campaign and try and target drivers. Unless you know what you’re doing and you have a good target audience, you’re going to spend a lot of money quickly, and not very intelligently.”

– Ben Onnie from CDL Marketing

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to deal with the frustration of having a potential driver contact you only to have them never return your calls, emails, or text messages
  • How to reduce how time-consuming and resource-demanding the recruitment process is for the truck industry
  • The advantages of putting on a sales training for a driver recruiters workshop to attract potential drivers
  • The importance of not ignoring or hiding any negatives and addressing these negatives in the most open and public way possible
  • How to deal with the issue of receiving a Facebook message from a potential driver, only to have the contact drop off
  • The importance of building a rapport with potential drivers to prevent contacts from dropping off early in the recruitment process
  • The importance of having signing bonuses and pay increases to encourage people to become truck drivers
  • How to leverage tools and technology automation to make the recruitment process easier
  • How to optimize an application to get the information you truly need from potential drivers

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