Episode 47:  R&R Conference Series Part 2

This episode is the second in a series of episodes recorded at the Recruit and Retain Conference in Nashville earlier this year. Some of you may know it as the R&R conference. This episode contains a compilation of multiple interviews who we spoke with at the conference.
In this week’s episode, you’ll hear from Don Lefeve, President & CEO at the Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA); and Chris Spear, President & CEO at ATA.
Listen in to learn how to boost your recruitment rates without pouring even more time and resources into the recruitment process.

“If you can’t even get into trucking until you’re 21 or older, you’re not going to change your mind and consider a career in trucking in high school or even grade school at that point. I think the collective industry is trying to change this.”

– Don Lefeve from the CVTA

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to get a potential driver to contact you and follow through with the recruitment process
  • How to avoid having to go through 100 leads just to get two or three hires
  • Increasing the number of leads and hires you achieve with the same amount of time and resources
  • The issues that impact students coming out and how to bring more students into the market to make them drivers
  • Changing the image of the trucking industry and attract some of the younger workforce
  • How to address the issue of interest rates versus interstate ages
  • Overcoming the disadvantages of potential drivers not being able to get into interstate trucking unless you’re 21 or older
  • The importance of being more competitive with other industries in terms of image
  • How to change the fact that trucking tends to be viewed as a job of last resort
  • How to alleviate the issue of safety and training when it comes to potentially changing things so that 18 and 19-year-olds can be hired as truck drivers

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