Episode 48:  R&R Conference Series Part 3

This episode is the third in a series of episodes recorded at the Recruit and Retain Conference in Nashville earlier this year. Some of you may know it as the R&R conference. This episode contains a compilation of multiple interviews who we spoke with at the conference.
In this week’s episode, we will be speaking to Lori Furnell, Vice President of Communications at Boyd Bros. Transportation, Inc; Jason Walker, Vice President & General Manager – Transportation Services & Truckload at UPS Freight; Greg Conklin, Business Development Executive at Driver iQ, Rob Hatchett, Vice President at Covenant Transport Services; and Roger Jones, Hiring Manager at Fraley & Schilling.
Listen in to learn more from these top experts about the best strategies for recruiting new drivers into your trucking company using the best practices available today.

“It’s important to just listen to what’s going on and challenge ourselves to pay attention to our drivers so that we can better service them and create a better position for them.”

– Lori Furnell from Boyd Brothers

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The importance of considering both data and theory to create a solid action plan for driver recruitment
  • Driver pay: a topic of major importance of the truck driving industry
  • How to increase the predictability of transportation for the over-the-road irregular route driver
  • How to create a mission fleet and determine an appropriate weekly salary for mission fleet drivers
  • How you can actually benefit from allowing your truck drivers to accrue paid time off
  • The importance of testing out new changes on a small scale for a few month before rolling out the new changes on a large scale
  • The most common challenges that truck driving companies face and how these challenges can be overcome
  • How to successfully compete against other truck driving companies
  • How the importance of driver pay is often trumped by the sheer fact of drivers wanting to be home
  • The importance of allowing your drivers to enjoy quality time at home

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