Episode 49:  R&R Conference Series Part 4

This episode is the fourth in a series of episodes recorded at the Recruit and Retain Conference in Nashville earlier this year. Some of you may know it as the R&R conference. This episode contains a compilation of multiple interviews who we spoke with at the conference.
In this week’s episode, we will be speaking to Derek Doddridge, Vice President of Sales at FreightRover; Chris Foster, Recruiter at MinStar Transport; and Steve Fields, YRC Freight Driver and ATA Road Team Captain.
Listen in to learn more from these top experts about the second of our show’s two focuses: retention. These experts will share their top strategies for keeping your drivers inside your trucking company using the best practices available today.

“I have no problem telling a driver that it’s not going to work out instead of trying to work, work, work to get somebody who isn’t going to work out for the position.”

– Chris Foster from MinStar Transport

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The importance of being as transparent and honest with truck drivers as possible to avoid disappointment and unmet expectations on both ends
  • The best places to get leads when it comes to recruitment of truck drivers
  • The importance of initiating relationships with salespeople and putting your dollars in a dozen different buckets, so to speak
  • The importance of focusing on the few individuals who are truly interested in a job rather than on the individuals who are only somewhat interested in a job
  • How to deal with the challenge of encouraging a lead to fill out a full application for a position
  • The importance of having many conversations with leads and giving leads opportunities to ask questions and inquire
  • How to improve your turnover rate for truck drivers.
  • How to be more practical and purposeful when it comes to retaining truck drivers
  • The most common reasons why truck drivers leave and how to look for red flags
  • How to stand out in the truck driving industry to make it easier to recruit and retain truck drivers

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