Episode 104: S.H.E. Trucking – Breaking Down Barriers with Sharae Moore

The trucking industry is being shaken up by the powerhouse that is Sharae Moore. Founder and owner of S.H.E Trucking, Sharae is all about empowering women in trucking and her chat with Chad provides a view of trucking from a whole other perspective. 

Just 7-8% of truckers are female, and so to have this movement of women empowering women in such a non-traditional career, is something that needs to be lauded and supported.  

Sharae’s mission to empower women in trucking began when she couldn’t find any apparel for women truckers, after traveling the length and breadth of the United States, and she decided to bring about that change. 

From trucking apparel to training and mentoring the next generation of women drivers, Sharae is determined to encourage more women into the trucking industry. 

“Women come into trucking because they want a life change. You know, trucking is a lifestyle, it changes your life. I love the environment at times. And I hear stories where drivers have been on government assistance, and through trucking, through having a successful career has helped them buy a house of their own and get off those assistance. They’re no longer struggling on welfare, they’re able to take care of their families. And I think that’s very attractive for women drivers.”


  • The attractions of the trucking industry for women
  • Issues that women in trucking face on a daily basis
  • Balancing trucking with family life
  • What women look for in carriers
  • How recruiters can improve their recruitment of women drivers 
  • importance of training to retain women drivers


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