Episode 40:  Technology Solutions that Expand Options for Both Large Firms and Independent Contractors, with Shawn Murphy

Shawn Murphy serves as Director of Sales at FreightRover. This company provides technology solutions as part of the transportation management system (TMS) that moves products from their source to the appropriate destination. Headquartered in Indianapolis, FreightRover has developed a portal that benefits drivers, dispatchers, and management, while strengthening the supply chain process and providing options for drivers. FreightRover’s story is an important one for anyone in the industry curious about how technology can improve operations.

“Being able to offer drivers choice and flexibility is something that’s a very large benefit for the carrier and the driver’s benefit from it as well.”

– Shawn Murphy

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • FreightRover’s technology platform that offers important tools for carriers of all sizes, from husband-and-wife independent teams to very large fleets
  • Ways that this company has grown since its inception in 2015 from a tool that allowed independent contractors to stay in touch with dispatch companies to a technology-based solution for many aspects of the transport and trucking experience
  • Why decision-makers in the industry need to understand the way that new technology portals have redefined the industry
  • How smaller carriers and independent contractors can take advantage of the scale that FreightRover offers to purchase fuel, insurance, and other necessary commodities with little or no upfront capital on hand
  • How FreightRover uses its negotiating power within the industry to offer better deals to smaller fleets by treating these fleets as if they had resources generally limited to larger entities
  • Ways that this company has developed technology solutions that assist trucking firms as they make their transition from paper logbooks that record a driver’s Record of Duty Status (RODS) to electronic logging devices (ELDs) that assure drivers are in compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) requirements
  • The value of offering drivers expedited payments for their work with very low overhead costs to get money into the drivers’ pockets quickly and efficiently
  • How retention of drivers improves when they are offered a marketplace of choices in areas such as fuel cards and insurance coverage, as well as healthcare clinic options for those on the road
  • Reasons that tax and accounting services available through technology apps help to streamline trucking operations and offer incentives for both the trucking firm and workers or independent contractors that haul loads for the firm
  • How this portal also benefits trucking companies by having a load board that can be tailored and branded for individual firms

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