Episode 24:  Company Values Workshop

Chad Hendricks is an entrepreneur at heart with a natural attraction to new ideas. Generating innovative ideas and seeing potential in concepts is his passion but his greatest satisfaction comes from seeing a project come to life. From creating stronger workplaces to validating a new business venture, Chad thrives on variety and challenge.

“When you change your operations to fit your values, that will immediately help you with both your retention and your recruitment.”

– Chad Hendricks

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Finding and establishing your true values: the first step in differentiating your marketing messages and hiring new drivers
  • How to run the company values meeting and who should be a part of it
  • Why you need the leaders in your company to share stories of experiences that have impacted them (and how to get them to share these stories)
  • The kinds of questions you should ask during the story sharing process and how to ask them to get people to share more
  • Looking for patterns in the stories people share to start finding common values
  • As a group, coming up with the themes that are most important to each individual (and why the individual has to agree with the group’s assessment)
  • Why each member needs to rank their values from most important to least important
  • Finding common themes throughout the group to come up with company values
  • Creating a vision statement based on the values
  • Operationalizing your company values to figure out what needs to change your operations to fit your values
  • Rebranding using your company values so your trucking company doesn’t look like every other company

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