Episode 79: A Dedicated Career in Transportation, with Stephanie Walton

Stephanie Walton is a recruiter for Stewart Transport. Stephanie specializes in freight, team building, management, transportation management, and transportation. Stephanie joins the Recruit and Retain: Trucking Edition podcast to share how her varied jobs throughout the transportation industry have helped her with recruiting.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Stephanie transitioned her role at FedEx into a career in transportation, before coming to Stewart Transport
  • Why Stephanie’s extensive experience throughout the transportation industry have helped her rise through the ranks
  • How Stewart Transport was founded over 20 years ago by a family of drivers, and why that helps with retention
  • How communication has been the key for Stewart Transport to help address driver issues effectively
  • How Stewart experiences a strong 43% turnover rate, and what seasonal challenges they are working through
  • Why drivers have been temporarily leaving during the busy holiday season to take on higher-paying seasonal positions, and why that has been a difficult hurdle
  • Why Stewart is experiencing great success hiring new drivers in the month of December, compared to the previous year’s numbers
  • What advertising and word-of-mouth referral programs Stewart uses to market their company to drivers
  • What common question drivers coming onboard have been asking Stewart, and why variety has been important to their new drivers
  • Why Stewart Transport’s good reputation has encouraged younger drivers to reach out asking about hiring to the company

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