Episode 53:  Driving More Effective Trucking Recruitment, with Susan Fall

Susan Fall is the president of Launch It Public Relations. Her PR firm focuses its efforts on the logistics and trucking industry. She joins this episode to go over the challenges of helping companies sell potential candidates on the positives of the industry. Susan also goes over ways she tries to improve recruitment success rates.

“So many of our drivers are heroes. They are the ones, we have a highway hero program, we have all of these amazing program really again, shows the nature of the industry and, and we should be highlighting that a lot more.”

– Susan Fall

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Susan got drawn into trucking and logistics by selling drivers on the introduction of tracking technology
  • Learning different ways of selling a reluctant audience on the positives of new industry changes
  • The art of creating a vision of success to potential drivers you’re trying to recruit into a trucking career
  • Susan’s efforts in reconciling the messaging coming from the industry to those needed to bring fresh blood into the industry
  • Fighting to overcome the negative messaging being put out against the trucking and logistics field by using social media to share good deeds by truckers
  • Trying to find different ways to highlight the great work of truckers outside of the industry bubble
  • Getting trucking companies to lead internal PR efforts by sharing positive stories among the employees
  • How Susan encourages companies to reach out to local reporters about stories highlighting good things about what’s going on in the industry

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