Episode 171: The Importance of Pay & Culture with Leah Shaver, Brad Jones & Beth Potratz at the Iowa Motor Truck Association

Just how important are pay and company culture when recruiting and retaining drivers? 

Joining Chad to discuss these hot topics are three very special guests from the Iowa Motor Truck Association – Leah Shaver, President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute; Brad Jones, President and CEO of Saige Partners, a driver talent acquisition firm; and Beth Potratz, CEO for Drive My Way. 

If you’re struggling to recruit or retain drivers, it’s usually to do with one of three things: pay, marketing or company culture, with pay being the number one driver pain point. 

But just what is the most impactful thing carriers can do when it comes to pay to get drivers to come on board? Pay market rate, consistently. Drivers want to know how much they’re going to get paid, when they’re going to get paid, and when they’re going to get a pay rise. 

“I feel like most companies think if I just had the highest pay, I would get the drivers. But we know there are companies out there that are the highest payers, but the drivers are not necessarily just flocking to those companies.”

And it’s not just pay that helps retain drivers. The driver’s relationship with the organization and their dispatcher, how they’re shown respect at work, whether the carrier puts their core values into actions. These aspects of workplace culture are vital to recruiting and retaining drivers. 

“If you were to send a mass email out to your entire organization and ask what your core values are, how many people would have to Google those to determine what they are?”

To hear all this and more, don’t miss this latest episode of Recruit and Retain. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why consistent pay is essential
  • The lower the pay, the higher the turnover
  • High pay does not guarantee drivers
  • The driver/dispatcher relationship
  • What respect in the workplace looks like


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