Episode 108: The Power of Bold Branding On Recruitment with Matt Bowerman

If you think branding and marketing is something that happens with a few Facebook adverts, then you might be surprised to hear about the positive impact of bold branding and marketing on driver recruitment. 

So if you’re wondering how to switch up your recruitment and retention efforts in the trucking industry, why don’t you listen to Matt Bowerman from Bowerman Trucking, Arkansas, talking about the bold moves that he’s made to his Grandfather’s company in the last year. 

Just head on over to the Bowerman Trucking website and you’ll instantly get a sense of the type of carrier they are. And this isn’t accidental. Matt’s put a lot of time into creating the right branding and marketing message, with his strategy for the rebrand all about attracting and retaining drivers from day one.  

“I wanted to create something that I would want to drive, that would be attractive to drivers, that drivers would be comfortable in, they’d want to stick around at our company because of and are designed to stand out, but specifically something that would garner compliments from other drivers on the road, something they would be proud of, but also to take care of and treat as though it was their own.”


  • History of Bowerman Trucking
  • The power of branding on recruitment
  • The financial impact of owning newer trucks
  • The strategy behind his branding decision
  • The benefit of wrapping the trailers
  • How he chose his company tagline
  • Technology he’s trying out now he’s got new trucks and how his drivers are reacting to it
  • Modernizing the company without alienating existing drivers

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