Episode 64: Understanding Retention Through Research, with Tim Hindes

Tim has spent 30 years in the trucking industry, including a number of years as a driver and as a dispatcher.  Tim oversees the vision and strategic planning of Stay Metrics, as well as serving as the primary public advocate for our products and services.  A serial entrepreneur, Tim is passionate about the role that company culture plays in the experiences of employees. He and his wife Mary Kay just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.  They have three children, Jennifer, TJ and Nicole.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Tim got into the industry as a fleet driver and how his career led to executive management
  • How Tim’s company, Stay Metrics, works to benefit the industry with proven methods and “industrial-organizational psychology”
  • What IO psychology is and how it can be utilized to gather data and connect it to the hiring and retention process
  • How Stay Metrics’ selection process helps companies better match candidates with the roles they need to fill
  • Why the socialization process matters so much for carriers and their retention, and how to improve your process
  • Why psychology can be a powerful tool that recruiters can use to integrate new drivers into their teams
  • Why the driver shortage caused carriers to stop caring about drivers matching the company culture
  • Why Tim believes women can be the answer to the driver shortage, and why Tim recommends targeting single 40+ women
  • How first-generation American drivers are an exciting subgroup with a great deal of recruitment potential
  • Why Stay Metrics works to identify their clients’ unique situation and match them with customized solutions

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