Episode 45:  Determining How to Find Quality Drivers and Quality Driver Leads, with T.J. Graff

T.J. Graff has taken his extensive experience in the trucking industry into areas of sales, consulting, and marketing. From working on all sides of the industry, he brings this experience into the area of recruiting and retention as he discusses an assessment tool designed to locate quality drivers and quality leads for prospective drivers.

“We have 25 years of industry experience of 100 percent or very close to a 100 percent driver turnover and it just hasn’t worked. What we’ve been able to do is work with a solution that I think has now pretty much become the secret sauce and it’s very quantitative and results-driven for the trucking company.”

– TJ Graff

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The significant need in the industry for companies that can assist trucking firms with strengthening driver retention and reducing turnover
  • How having previous background with what truck drivers deal with on a daily basis, third-party recruiting, and other industry experience allows us to determine not just qualified drivers, but also quality-qualified drivers
  • The importance of identifying actual drivers who are good at their job, getting beyond general statements such as that we expect them to be professional, do great planning, and understand safety regulations to assess the actual quality the individual possesses
  • Ways that an online assessment tool helps to identify high-quality drivers that will stay and thereby lower to turnover rate, especially during the first few months
  • How assessments have been developed in about 45 different job classifications by bringing in top performers in those job descriptions, documenting the quality of behaviors and core values, and creating algorithms for the assessment with a scale of one to five stars
  • How such assessments have the potential to locate the true professionals that want to separate themselves from other drivers by the quality of their performance
  • Ways that this will accelerate and improve the recruiting process by allowing companies to narrow down their preferred prospects to those who are three stars or above
  • The importance of measuring consistency of performance and determining if there might be a better fit for a person in another position or classification

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