Episode 8:  Low Hanging Fruit or “Asset Utilization,” with Tom Knasel

Tom Knasel is a Senior Recruiting Manager at Industrial Transport Services. He describes himself as a process improvement manager who just happens to be involved in truck recruiting.

“Getting the right people into the company is essential, regardless of position, for success.”

– Tom Knasel

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Easy, “low cost or no cost investments” reduced turnover rates from 100% to 40%
  • Why “legacy processes” need to be evaluated before changing anything
  • Increasing retention: why this starts at the job interview
  • The importance of potential employees connecting with the company’s values
  • Creating an onboarding process that is all about connections
  • How you can show your new employees who you and your company care
  • Why every new employee receives a trainer, regardless of how many years of experience as a driver
  • A major challenge in recruitment is applicants with CDLs and how to approach those individuals
  • Why the right person is more important than the right credentials
  • What happened when Tom hired an Amish man who only had his driver’s license for 3 months
  • Employee referrals: how they went from the 5th lead source for recruitment to the 2nd source
  • Did compensation have any effect on the reduction of turnover rates?
  • The two questions everyone needs to ask themselves to establish their company culture for better recruitment and retention

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