Episode 10:  Communicate with Drivers through Phone Calls, with Tommy Clifford

Known as a national technology influencer, Tommy dives deep into the opportunities available with social media and tech. From running his popular blog, TommyLog, that covers trends, new products and life to his leadership at Brand Outcomes. Tommy spent over 25 years in the printing industry and directing prepress operations.

“Even in the best companies, the weakest link is always communication.”

– Tommy Clifford

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why truckers are the ultimate remote workforce
  • How Tommy builds trust with drivers
  • Why it takes 2-3 discussions for drivers to see Tommy isn’t the flavor of the month
  • Tommy’s process of calling drivers
  • Why companies need to have more empathy
  • Why drivers are the face of the trucking company
  • How Tommy has a 40% completion rate with his phone calls
  • A real estate software to help keep track of the phone calls
  • Tommy’s plan on how often to call new drivers and veteran drivers
  • Two daytime blocks and one evening block: how this helps to accommodate drivers’ schedules
  • Questions Tommy asks new drivers and veteran drivers
  • Looking for patterns to help solve problems
  • Presenting 2-3 actionable items each month based on issues discovered from drivers
  • Face-to-face meetings to work on driver issues involving more than one department
  • Why Tommy is the facilitator, not the doer—healing the break in trust and communication
  • The time commitment for this kind of communication

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