Episode 31:  Recruiting and Retaining the Best Drivers through Constant Feedback, with Travis Nelson

Travis Nelson has followed his dream of building a trucking company based on Xtreme customer service and employee respect. From being a 22 year old owner/operator with one truck, Travis has built one of the fastest growing trucking companies in the area. When Travis isn’t managing the company (or still sometimes driving truck) he spends time at home with his equally fast-growing family.

“Anyone can back up to a dock and pick up the product. Delivering it on time, without damage every time — that’s a service we offer.”

– Travis Nelson

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The philosophy that enabled Travis Nelson to grow a business of one truck and one trailer into a fleet of 75 flatbed and refrigerated trucks
  • How a belief in second chances has led Travis to develop an employee-friendly atmosphere, which has led to superior employee retention
  • Why Travis believes so strongly in making employees feel as though they belong; everyone in Travis’ business is a part of the family
  • How open lines of feedback and taking employee suggestions have ultimately led to better solutions throughout the organization
  • Why Travis believes strongly that the knowledge that employees have is a valuable part of optimizing company operations
  • How Travis was able to grow his company even in the face of new competition, which could potentially offer better cash bonuses and benefits
  • How involving drivers upfront, and looking for advice rather than just feedback, ultimately led to happier drivers

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