Episode 145: Using Headversity As A Recruiting Tool with Dr Ryan Todd

If you’re looking for a point of differentiation between your carrier and the competition, how about making your employee’s mental health a priority? 

“Mental health, things like mindfulness and stress reduction, reduce safety incidents, and they improve performance, and they improve loyalty.”

Dr. Ryan Todd, CEO of Headversity, joins Chad on this week’s episode to discuss the workplace mental health and resilience platform he’s built for the modern workforce. 

In this incredibly interesting interview, Chad and Ryan delve into the impact of COVID and the pandemic on the mental health of drivers and dispatchers. The stress that is on people right now is like nothing before. Stress causes frustration which leads to conflict. And conflict leads to turnover. 

“The number one reason that people in stressful positions leave is to reduce that stress, and to go to a place where the grass is greener, where they can use their skill set in a job or position or with a company that would appreciate them more, or that would not stress them out as much.”

So how can you work through conflict? How can you talk about mental health with employees and build their resilience? This is a fascinating episode, we hope you get a lot out of it. 


  • The genesis of Headversity
  • The culture of self-sufficiency
  • The impact of COVID on mental health
  • Why there’s been a decrease in EAP utilization
  • Headversity is a non-diagnostic tool
  • How companies can use the aggregated anonymised data
  • The CARE methodology


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