Episode 68: Improved Onboarding and Internal Recruiting, with Wendy Bartz

Wendy Bartz is a dedicated HR professional that focuses on helping employers develop creative solutions, systems and processes. In the end, she helps employers implement proven methods to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Wendy is also a committed member of the Marshfield Area Toastmasters Club, and a coach for individuals looking to improve presentation skills or one-on-one interaction skills.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Wendy got involved in the transportation industry and driver recruiting over 20 years ago and has worked in many positions
  • How working her way up through the ranks has helped Wendy become a stronger, more empathetic leader
  • Why Wendy believes in building strong relationships, and why she encourages her recruiters to develop those relationships
  • Why the numerous options Dart Transit offers their drivers can be overwhelming, and how the internal recruiter can help
  • How the interconnected relationship between drivers, fleet managers, and internal recruiters fosters loyalty and helps better accommodate driver needs
  • How Dart Transit’s orientation process is designed to better engage drivers so they will retain the important information
  • Why Dart Transit keeps marketing and recruiting as two separate departments with individual responsibilities
  • How Wendy trains new recruiters by giving constant feedback, and how she works to build a cohesive and integrated team
  • Why Wendy looks for self-starting recruiter candidates specifically with a background in sales
  • What Wendy sees as coming changes in the industry, and what changes she feels will need to happen to strengthen the industry

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