Episode 130: What Carriers Can Learn From The World’s #1 Job Site: Indeed

If you’re a smaller carrier, perhaps you don’t have the resources or the personnel to look into recruiting data or to discover insights that will show you the bigger picture which might ultimately help you improve your recruitment and retention of drivers now and in the future.

Which is why Chad is talking with Christina Broussard, a recruitment evangelist for Indeed. Because Indeed do have the resources to look at what’s going on with the bigger recruitment picture. In particular, Indeed can show us what’s going on with truck driver jobs in recruitment right now.

And what is most surprising is that the rebound is happening quicker than anyone could have predicted.

“We’ve certainly had a different 2020 then I think probably anyone expected for a number of different reasons and have certainly seen the job market react to some of these pressures that are happening in the world and in our nation. We’re starting to see some of these job categories like drivers, like logistic support, actually come back pretty similarly to what we saw happening in 2019.”

So if you want to find out about how you can recruit some of the 1 million job seekers who were clicking on truck driver jobs in the US in May, don’t miss this latest episode of Recruit and Retain.


  • The best way for carriers to reach out to drivers
  • Connect your brand with the recruitment process
  • How to attract younger drivers to your carrier
  • Targeting niche markets – women and veterans
  • The importance of listening to driver feedback and responding
  • Use COVID to demonstrate your difference


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