Episode 161: When Chad Chatted To Taking The Hire Road

In this slightly different episode, the tables are turned and Chad becomes the interviewee for Taking The Hire Road, a podcast hosted by Jeremy Reymer. This episode was originally aired via the Taking The Hire Road podcast, and they’ve kindly let us share it. 

For those of you who have been avid listeners for the last three years, it’s probably time you learned a little more about the guy behind the mic, and why the Recruit and Retain podcast came to fruition. 

For anyone who doesn’t know, Chad is president of Brand Outcomes Inc, a company that partners with carriers to help them with their branding and marketing. 

“It’s also company culture, workplace changes, operational changes, training for dispatchers and recruiters and all these things. I don’t think you can get the marketing correct nowadays, without understanding a company at a deeper level.”

In this episode, Chad shares how Brand Outcomes works with companies, and why the first thing he does when he goes into work with a company is ask if they’re living up to their values, vision and missions statement. 

He also talks about how he trains recruiters through his Recruiter Sales Training online courses with Phil M. Jones, best-selling author of “Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact” — a guidebook for CDL driver recruiters. 

Before finally discussing how he’s helping fleets find quality driving candidates from an unexpected source – South Africa. 

“Is it a good decision for the country, for the carrier and consumers? Is it a good decision for the person that’s coming here? I overwhelmingly feel the answer to all of those questions is yes.”


  • About Brand Outcomes
  • How carriers can stand out from the competition
  • Recruiter sales training with Phil M. Jones
  • Why carriers should hire international drivers
  • The cost of hiring South African drivers


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