Episode 131: Why Great Content Builds Better Relationships

You don’t have to be a trucker to get into the trucking industry. You also don’t have to be male. Nor does it have to be your sole business. 

Meet Ericka Williams, trucking company owner, entrepreneur and author of The Classy Climb blog. Ericka is truly a breath of fresh air for trucking. 

Not only has she started a tonne of businesses (including a trucking company) she also coaches, creates content for YouTube, works in the retail estate industry and shares her experiences through her blog in the hopes of motivating others and letting them skip the mistakes she made along the way. 

“I called off a wedding and I was like, ‘I’m going to do something crazy. I’m getting out of here’. I flip a coin and I go to Austin and I started YouTubing to share my journey of moving and talking business and sharing my stories. My family and people were like, ‘I’ve never heard of that before’. And I just opened it up for people to start talking to me and I did over 6,000 paid phone consultations in six years.”

Ericka is inspirational, motivational and entertaining, which makes her a great person to listen to and learn from. 

“Man, I really hope that they understand that sky’s the limit, right? You’re an American. I know it’s kind of a hype thing, but it’s true. I mean, literally there’s no one actually stopping you. Like if you want to go do it tomorrow. You do that.”


  • Ericka’s journey to trucking
  • The need for carriers to create great content
  • Her vision for her trucking company
  • Using social media to attract drivers
  • Finding freight amid COVID-19
  • Females in trucking
  • Know your numbers to create a better business


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