Episode 169: Why Retention is the New Recruitment with Jeremy Reymer & Wendy Bartz

Don’t miss Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of CDL driver applicant tracking system, DriverReach, and Wendy Bartz, Director of Sales and Services at DriverReach, discuss how your carrier can solve its driver shortage issues on this week’s episode of Recruit and Retain. 

DriverReach helps carriers figure out what the solution to their driver recruiting challenge is. They utilize the latest technology to streamline your recruitment process, prioritizing driver engagement.

“It’s so important that you’re engaging and nurturing all the leads coming in. We spend so much money on advertising and getting leads into the system. We really need to put the effort in towards building relationships.”

Download and listen as Jeremy and Wendy share their thoughts on DriverReach, why more and more carriers are investing in driver technology, what’s making drivers change the way they research carriers, why outside investors are looking to invest in the HR and the driver recruiting technology space, why you need to invest in your recruiters, how carriers are improving driver training, and why you should be creating driver-focused content.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How DriverReach can help your carrier
  • Why your carrier needs to invest in driver technology
  • How to appeal to drivers
  • Outside investment in trucking
  • Why you should invest in your recruiters
  • Create driver focused content

How to connect with Jeremy Reymer & Wendy Bartz:


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