A proven method for recruiting drivers with 10+ years of experience.

Truck driver recruitment can feel like a hamster wheel. But it doesn’t have to.

Every carrier is looking for the same thing: Drivers who are willing to put in a lot of miles, who don’t complain about home time, have a history of driving experience, believe that your company is better than their last, and not quit.

But recruiters know that finding this kind of hire is different than just finding a warm body that meets your minimum hiring criteria. Thankfully, Guaranteed Experienced Drivers lays out a proven plan for finding, hiring, and retaining the type of drivers you’ve always wanted.

We’ll outline how you can:

• Recruit drivers with 10+ years of experience and diesel in their blood
• Keep those drivers on your payroll for the long haul
• Eliminate the time and $8,000-$11,000 it costs your company every time a driver quits
• Predictably add drivers on a regular schedule
• Help skilled, experienced drivers create better lives for their families
• Have no upfront costs and gain immediate ROI and profit

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